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Australia Company Number Format

ACN search on ASIC Registry

ACN number search option is available for free on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's Company regsiter. You can access the ABN search here. You can search on the ASIC Registry by the ABN, ACN or Name of the company.

Example: 001799837

ACN search on ASIC registry
ACN search on ASIC registry

A successful verification of the ACN on the ASIC registry will return the following details

  • Name
  • ACN
  • ABN
  • Previous state number
  • Previous state of registration
  • Registration date
  • Next review date
  • Status
  • Type
  • Locality of registered office
  • Regulator
ACN verification status
ACN verification status

ACN Format

Australia Company Number consists of 9 digits.

Regex expressionsDescription
\b\d{3}\.\d{3}\.\d{3}\bMatches a 9-digit number delimited by dot.
\b\d{3}-\d{3}-\d{3}\bMatches a 9-digit number delimited by hyphen.
\b\d{3} \d{3} \d{3}\bMatches a 9-digit number delimited by space.
\b\d{9}\bMatches a 9-digit number without a delimiter.

Example : 160299865

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