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Greece TIN number guide

CPR number

According to Article 11 of the Greek Tax Procedure Code (L. 4174/2013), the Tax Administration assigns a unique taxpayer identification number to each taxpayer. Additionally, the Tax Administration issues a Taxpayer Identification Number to non-taxpayers as required by other legal provisions. This includes instances where individuals or entities request a Taxpayer Identification Number to facilitate financial transactions with General Government bodies, domestic financial institutions, or payment institutions.

Format - 9 digits. Eg : 999999999

TIN on Tax Completeness Status
TIN on Tax Completeness Status

Foros prostithemenis aksias (FPA)

VAT number in Greece is known as Foros prostithemenis aksias(FPA) (Arithmós Forologikou Mētrṓou Αριθμός Φορολογικού)

Format - Country code "EL" + 9 Digits . Example:EL999999999

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