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Kenya TIN number guide

Personal Identification Number(PIN)

In Kenya, the core processes of assessment, collection, and accounting revolve around Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), essentially functioning as Tax Identification Numbers (TINs). The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) issues TINs to individuals aged 18 and above upon application, and entities complying with registering organization requirements.

This unique TIN serves as a critical identifier for individuals and entities engaging in transactions with KRA, government agencies, and service providers. Valid across various tax heads, including TOT, WHT, WVAT, VAT, income tax, and excise, the TIN requires no renewal once issued. However, individuals or entities can apply for TIN cancellation or obligation adjustment under specific conditions.

TIN applications have far-reaching implications, including:

  • Title registration, instrument stamping, and Land Rent payment.
  • Building plan approval and Land Rent payment by Local Authorities.
  • Motor vehicle registration and Traffic Act (Cap 403) licensing by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.
  • Business Names and Companies registration by the Registrars of Business Names and Companies.
  • Trade licensing by the Ministry of Commerce and business permit applications.
  • Insurance policy underwriting by Insurance Companies.
  • Facilitating goods importation, Customs clearing, and forwarding.
  • Contracting for the supply of goods and services to Government Ministries and Public bodies.
  • Tax returns filing, tax obligation additions, and tax payments.
  • Utilities applications (Water, Electricity) and bank account openings.


The TIN consist of 11 digits, with the first and last digits being letters and the intervening ones being numbers.

For entities, the TIN initiates with the letter P, and for individuals, it commences with the letter A. For instance, an entity's TIN would appear as P123456789X, while an individual's TIN would manifest as A123456789X. Always use uppercase letters and avoid hyphens when entering the Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Official Database - PIN Verification

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