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Greenland TIN number guide

CPR number

CPR stands for "Det Centrale Personregister". It is a central, nationwide civil registration system in Denmark. Residents in Greenland or Denmark receive a CPR number, crucial for various communications with public authorities, including tax-related matters. Non-residents in Greenland also receive a CPR number if deemed taxable by the Greenlandic Tax Administration. This unique, non-renewable number is essential for individual identification in tax affairs.


The CPR, a 10-digit structure, follows a specific pattern:

  • Positions 1-2: Represent the day of birth.
  • Positions 3-4: Indicate the month of birth.
  • Positions 5-6: Reflect the year of birth (excluding the century).
  • Positions 7-10: Form a unique serial number, often separated by a hyphen after the 6th digit.

GER number

The issuance of GER numbers for non-natural persons and legal entities is governed by specific tax and excise laws. Skattestyrelsen (The Greenlandic Customs and Tax Administration), under the Greenlandic Ministry of Finance, oversees the administration of GER numbers.


For non-natural persons and legal entities, the GER utilizes a TIN with an 8-digit format.

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