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Kazakhstan TIN number guide

Individual identification number(IIN)

The Individual Identification Number (IIN), also referred to as the individual's unique 12-digit identifier, is automatically generated during the initial registration in the information-production system for document creation. The IIN is crafted with a focus on principles of uniqueness and immutability, ensuring its integrity within various-level information banks. Once formed, the IIN remains unaltered and isn't regenerated.

To enhance accuracy and minimize keyboard input errors, the IIN incorporates a control 12th digit. This digit is calculated using a specific algorithm in two cycles, providing a robust validation process. In the event that the resulting number is 10, an alternative sequence of weights is applied to calculate the check digit.

It's crucial to note that when an individual entrepreneur undergoes state registration for personal entrepreneurship activities, the IIN assigned to that individual is utilized.

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Business identification number (BIN)

The Business Identification Number (BIN), a 12-digit identifier, comprises five distinct parts, each carrying specific information:

  1. First Part (4 digits): Represents the year (last two digits) and month of state (accounting) registration or re-registration. It applies to legal entities, branches, representative offices, or individual entrepreneurs operating as joint ventures (IP (C)). For AIFC authorities and participants, it signifies the year and month of registration.

  2. Second Part (1 digit): Indicates the type of legal entity or individual entrepreneur (C). Notable values include 4 for resident legal entities, 5 for non-residents, and 6 for IP (C).

  3. Third Part (1 digit): Serves as an additional feature, distinguishing between the head unit (0), branch (1), representation (2), or a peasant (farm) farm operating on the basis of joint entrepreneurship (3).

  4. Fourth Part (5 digits): Contains the serial number of registration for legal entities (branches and representative offices) or individual entrepreneurs (C). AIFC authorities and participants receive serial numbers ranging from 90001 to 99999.

  5. Fifth Part (1 digit): Automatically determined check digit, ensuring the BIN's validity.

Additionally, for AIFC authorities, organizations, and participants, the rules include the assignment of identification numbers according to a specific procedure established by the AIFC Manager. These regulations are in line with the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Astana International Financial Center. Familiarize yourself with the detailed breakdown of the BIN and its components for comprehensive understanding and compliance.

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