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San Marino TIN number guide

Social Security Number (SSI Number)

The Social Security Number (SSI Number) identifies all individuals in San Marino. It is issued by the Social Security Institute

SSI consists of block of digits assigned in sequence, but they do not contain any information on taxpayers, such as name and surname, address, age or gender. It consists of upto 9 digits. Eg: 999999999

The Social Security Number (SSN) is prominently displayed on the front side of the identity card issued by the Vital Statistics Office. It is positioned adjacent to the holder's photo, located on the right-hand side of the card.

Tax Registration Number (COE)

The Tax Registration Number (COE) is issued to all legal entities in San Marino and is issued by the Office of Industry, Handicraft and Trade or the Labour Office for the Tax Registration Number (COE). It is locally known as Codice Operatore Economico (COE).

COE consists of 7 digits. It is preceded by the letters SM followed by 5 digits. Eg: SM99999

The Tax Registration Number (COE) is displayed on the Certificate of License issued by the Office of Industry, Handicraft, and Trade.

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