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Iceland TIN number guide

Icelandic Identification Number (kennitala)

Kennitala is a unique number issued to both individuals and entities. 'Register Iceland' is responsible for issuing identification numbers for individuals, while 'Fyrirtækjaskrá' issues identification numbers for entities. These Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) play a crucial role in all tax-related matters in Iceland.


The Tax Identification Number (TIN) consists of ten digits, with the initial six representing an individual's date of birth (DDMMYY). The seventh and eighth digits are random, the ninth is a check digit, and the tenth indicates the century of birth. The TIN is commonly displayed with a hyphen after the sixth digit (e.g., xxxxxx-xxxx).

The TIN structure, D1D2M1M2Y1Y2R1R2CM, signifies day (D), month (M), year (Y), random (R), checksum (C), and millennium (M).

Check digit equations: C = 11 - ((3xD1 + 2xD2 + 7xM1 + 6xM2 + 5xY1 + 4xY2 + 3xR1 + 2xR2) mod 11)

For entities, the same formula is applied. Instead of the date of birth, the initial registration date is used, and the first digit has 4 added to avoid conflicts with individuals.

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