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China TIN number guide

Uniform Social Credit Code (USCC)

Typically, an entity's Tax Identification Number (TIN) corresponds to the Uniform Social Credit Code, which is stated on the entity's Business License. In cases where the entity has not obtained a Uniform Social Credit Code, the local tax office assigns a TIN with 18 digits in accordance with the applicable regulations.


For the old TIN regime, there are 15 numerals. While for the new TIN regime, there are 18 numerals with sometimes letters appearing in the last 10 characters, especially the 9th, 10th, 13rd and 18th

Business License
Business License

ID Number

For an individual utilizing a Chinese ID card for identification, the Tax Identification Number (TIN) corresponds to the ID number. In cases where an individual employs a passport or another ID certificate for identification, the TIN is assigned by the local tax office in accordance with the applicable regulations. In certain regions, passport numbers are also acknowledged as TIN for foreign individuals.

Chinese ID card
Chinese ID card

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