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Sint Maarten TIN number guide

CRIB number

Tax identification numbers, known locally as Crib numbers, stem from the acronym for Centraal Registratie Informatie Belastingplichtige (Central Taxpayer Registration Information). These numbers are designated for all tax and premium purposes, remaining unique and perpetual while featuring prominently in all communication from the Tax Administration to the taxpayer.

For individuals, the Sint Maarten Tax Administration issues a tax identification number upon their registration in the tax administration's database, reflecting their tax obligations.

Similarly, entities receive a tax identification number from the Sint Maarten Tax Administration upon their registration in the Tax Administrations database.

The issuance of the Crib number to individuals occurs automatically once identified by the Sint Maarten Tax Administration as a taxpayer, typically through the first tax return or initial tax payment obligation.

In the case of new residents (immigrants) to Sint Maarten, the Tax Administration will issue a Crib number upon submission of their tax return or identification of their first tax payment obligation.

Format : The CRIB number is computer generated using the 11-proof algorithm method. The Crib number does not feature on any official identification documents, such as ID cards or passports, for individuals. Instead, it is located on the initial page of the tax return and on assessments for all tax categories applicable to both individuals and entities.

Sample ID card
Sample ID card

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