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Kuwait TIN number guide

Kuwaiti Civil ID number

Individuals in Kuwait do not receive a Tax Identification Number (TIN) directly from the Tax Department. Instead, they utilize their Kuwaiti Civil ID number issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) as their TIN upon request.


Civil ID number consists of 12 digits (format: 999999999999). It contains the contains the person’s date of birth.

The exclusive verification method employed by the Tax Department to confirm Tax Residency Certificates, inclusive of Civil ID numbers for individuals and TINs for entities, relies on the scanning feature within the Ministry of Finance's app. This app enables the scanning of QR codes on electronically-issued Tax Residency Certificates, ensuring the comprehensive authenticity of the certificate. For seamless verification, the app is available for download on iOS devices from the App Store and on Android devices from the Google Play Store.


In Kuwait, only entities that formally register with the Tax Department will be granted a Tax Identification Number (TIN) by the Tax Department. Civil ID numbers in Kuwait are readily accessible on individual's Civil ID cards. For Kuwaiti nationals, this crucial identifier can also be located on the photo page of their passports. Additionally, Civil ID numbers are featured on Tax Certificates issued by the Tax Department for individuals.


TIN is a 6-digit number which can be found on Tax Certificates issued for entities.

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