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Macao TIN number guide

ID number

Business entities and individuals engaged in commercial activities are required to undergo tax registrations with the Financial Services Bureau. This crucial process results in the assignment of taxpayer numbers to these entities and individuals.

For Macao residents who work as self-employed professionals, such as doctors, dentists, accountants, or employees, salary tax is applicable. The taxpayer numbers assigned in these cases align with their respective ID numbers.

Individuals in Macao involved in commercial activities, on the other hand, are subject to industrial and profits taxes. The taxpayer numbers allocated to them are unique 8-digit identifiers, commencing with the digit "0." The TIN is not usually found on official documents, except on documents for tax purposes.

Taxpayer number

Entities engaging in commercial activities within Macao fall under the purview of industrial and profit taxes. The assigned taxpayer numbers for these entities consist of 8 digits, with the distinctive feature of starting with the digit "8." Understanding these tax intricacies is vital for smooth compliance and accurate record-keeping.

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