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Malta TIN number guide

Identity Card Number

In Malta, Maltese nationals use their Identity Card Number as the Tax Identification Number (TIN), structured as (0000)999L, with a range from 9999999L. This TIN format comprises 8 characters, featuring:

  • 7 digits
  • 1 letter (M, G, A, P, L, H, B, Z)

For Maltese nationals, it's important to note that the first 4 digits can be omitted if they are 0 (zero). Additionally, in IT processing, the TIN must always be 8 characters long, ensuring that the first 0 (zero) is consistently recorded. This systematic approach guarantees accurate and standardized Tax Identification Numbers for individuals in Malta.

ID card
ID card

Taxpayer Reference Number

Non-Maltese nationals and entities residing in Malta for tax purposes receive a distinctive 9-digit taxpayer reference number, automatically generated by the IRD. The TIN for non-Maltese nationals is created upon submitting a completed registration form, while newly established entities registering with the Maltese Registry of Companies are automatically enrolled with the IRD.

TRN Format

The Taxpayer Reference Number consits of 9 digits Eg: 999999999

Entity TIN

VAT number

VAT number in Malta consists of 8 digits eg: MT99999999

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