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VAT in Germany

Value Added Tax (VAT) rates in Germany vary depending on the type of good or service. The standard VAT rate is 19%, which applies to most goods and services. There are however reduced VAT rates for certain necessities. The current VAT rates in Germany are:

Standard VAT Rate - 19%

The standard or normal VAT rate in Germany is 19%. This rate applies to most goods and services such as electronics, furniture, clothing, processed foods, restaurant meals, hotels, etc. This makes the German VAT rate one of the highest standard rates in the European Union.

Reduced VAT Rate - 7%

Germany has a reduced VAT rate of 7% that applies to everyday necessities like food, books, newspapers, public transportation, cultural services, medical supplies etc. The reduced tax rate on necessities makes these essential goods more affordable.

Super Reduced VAT Rate - 5%

A super reduced VAT rate of 5% applies specifically to health-related services like medical treatments and distribution of medical products. So doctor consultations, dental treatments, medical devices and medicines are charged only 5% VAT in Germany.

The varying VAT rates in Germany aim to balance government revenue needs with the affordability of necessities for its citizens. Standard rates are kept high to fund public infrastructure, while daily essentials are taxed lower.

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