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Ghana TIN number guide

Ghanacard Personal Identification Number(Ghanacard PIN)

Starting from April 1, 2021, the 15-character Ghanacard Personal Identification Number (Ghanacard PIN), provided by the National Identification Authority (NIA), now functions as the TIN for eligible individuals with a Ghanacard. Foreign individuals residing permanently in Ghana use their Non-citizen card as their TIN. This integration of GRA and NIA aims to issue a common unique number (Ghanacard PIN) for tax-related purposes.

Currently, both the existing TIN and the Ghanacard PIN are utilized until December 31, 2021, when only the Ghanacard PIN will be accepted for tax transactions involving existing taxpayers. The GRA retains the responsibility of directly issuing TINs to non-resident individuals, foreign mission employees, and organizations, including those required and not required to register with the Registrar General Department (RGD). Organizations mandated to register with the RGD initiate their TIN registration during entity registration, receiving a TIN from the GRA in collaboration with the RGD. Stay informed about these changes for seamless tax compliance.

The GRA TIN is a distinctive 11-digit alpha-numeric identifier assigned to individuals and entities in Ghana. Each category, such as Individuals (P00), Companies (C00), Government Agencies (G00), Foreign Missions (Q00), and Public Institutions (V00), has a unique prefix. Notably, for organizations requiring registration with the RGD, the GRA TIN plays a crucial role.

For eligible individuals, the NIA Ghanacard PIN now serves as the TIN, featuring a structured 15-digit format with a Country Code, 8 or 9 digit number, and a checksum character, each separated by a hyphen ('-'). This unique identification system incorporates the person's nationality, a system-generated number, and an internally used checksum character for PIN validation. Once assigned, the PIN remains unchanged, even if an individual changes nationality after initial registration. Stay informed about these essential identification elements for seamless compliance and understanding.

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