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Croatia TIN number guide

Osobni identifikacijski broj (OIB)(PDV-ID)

The Republic of Croatia implemented the Personal Identification Number (OIB) as a unique identifier in the national legal system. The Ministry of Finance - Tax Administration is tasked with assigning OIBs to individuals, making it a mandatory identifier across the entire Croatian public administration system.

OIBs are assigned to

  1. Croatian citizens by birth or through acquiring citizenship,
  2. legal entities operating within Croatian territory, and
  3. foreign individuals or entities subject to surveillance in the Republic of Croatia (through registration in public records and obtaining taxpayer status).


The Personal Identification Number comprises 11 digits, with 10 digits randomly assigned and the 11th digit serving as the control number calculated using the "Modul 11.10" ISO 7064 algorithm. example: HR99999999999


Matični broj subjekta (MBS)

TIN in Croatia is called Matični broj subjekta (MBS).

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