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How to verify NUIS Number in Albania?

NUIS verification on QBK website

NUIS (Documento Nacional de Identidad) search option is available for free on the Albania QBK(Qendra Kombëtare e Biznesit) website. QBK (Qendra Kombëtare e Biznesit) is Albania's National Business Center website. It acts as the one-stop solution for all business registration and licensing related services. You can access the NUIS search here. This tool allows you to search for a business by its NUIS, trade name, address, shareholders or numri i identifikimit

NUIS Verification
NUIS Verification

Example NUIS: K72001008V

A successful verification of the NUIS on the QBK lookup tool will return the following details

  • NUIS
  • Entity Name
  • Activity
  • Active licenses and the type of license
  • The search also allows you to download a summary document of the business details. The details includes the following
    • Registration Status
    • NUIS
    • Registration Date
    • Name of the Entity
    • Legal Form
    • Date of Establishment
    • Duration
    • Registered Office in Albania
    • Capital
    • Paid-up Capital Value
    • Number of Shares
    • Nominal Value
    • Activity Object
    • Management System
    • Administrators and their Term of Appointment
    • Other Locations of Business Activity.
    • Voluntarily Disclosed Information
    • Trade Name
    • Status

Here is a sample NUIS summary extract

NUIS Verification Status
NUIS Verification Status

How Lookuptax can help you in NUIS validation?

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