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Maldives TIN number guide

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

In Maldives , Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) are crucial for individuals and entities mandated to register with MIRA(Maldives Inland Revenue Authority). This serves as the taxpayer level, with each taxpayer receiving a distinct 7-digit identifier known as the business partner number. The TIN format follows {BP}{Revenue Code}{incrementing Number}.

For instance, consider "Taxpayer A" with the business partner number 1000001. Upon registering for GST, they obtain the TIN 1000001GST501. If the same taxpayer registers for Green tax, the corresponding TIN becomes 1000001GRT001, and so forth. The initial 7 digits remain unique, while the revenue code and sequence number are added, resulting in a TIN tailored to the specific taxes the taxpayer is registered under at MIRA. This systematic approach streamlines tax processes and ensures accurate identification.

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