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Japan TIN number guide

Individual Number (My Number)

The Individual Number, commonly known as "My Number," is a 12-digit identifier assigned to residents in Japan within the framework of the Social Security and Tax Number System. 'My Numbers' were allocated to residents listed in their resident records as of the 5th, the initial Monday of October 2015. These were dispatched via simple registered mail from the respective city, ward, town, or village to the addresses on their resident records. Notably, even foreign nationals with a resident card are assigned a My Number.Moving forward, individuals newly registered as residents, whether due to birth or relocating from overseas, will receive a My Number.

A 12-digit Individual Number is created based on the Resident Record Code, but the number system is such that the Resident Record Code cannot be restored from the Individual Number

Important considerations regarding the gathering of Individual Numbers: In accordance with domestic law and specified sections of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), a Reporting Financial Institution situated in a jurisdiction not party to the Multilateral Convention on the Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters or lacking a bilateral tax treaty with Japan is exempt from collecting information on the individual numbers of Japanese residents for automatic exchange of information under the CRS.

Business operators are obligated to implement crucial and effective safety management measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or compromise of Individual Numbers. This includes ensuring proper safeguards and measures for the secure management of these 12-digit identifiers. Stay compliant and safeguard sensitive information in adherence to regulations and best practices.

Sample My Number Card
Sample My Number Card

Corporate Number

The Corporate Number is a numeric identifier, comprising 13 digits and consisting solely of numbers. For corporations registered in accordance with legal requirements like the Companies Act (registered corporation), the number corresponds to the company corporation number (12 digits) derived from the Commercial Registration Law, augmented by a 1-digit inspection number. Stay informed about your corporate number and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.Unlike 'my number'(individual number), corporate numbers have no restrictions on the scope of use, so anyone can use them freely.

A Corporate Number is assigned to various entities, including (1) national agencies, (2) local governments, (3) established and registered corporations, and (4) corporations not falling under categories (1) to (3), or incorporated associations without legal personality that do not pay salaries. These entities are mandated to submit a notification form for opening an office, among other requirements.

Moreover, even if the mentioned criteria don't apply, an entity can still obtain a Corporate Number designation by meeting specific requirements and notifying the Commissioner of the National Tax Agency.

It's crucial to note that each corporation receives a unique Corporate Number, and this designation is not extended to the branches or offices of the corporation.

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