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Moldova TIN number guide

Identification Number of Person (IDNP)

In the Republic of Moldova, the individual's identification number follows international conventions and is abbreviated as "Identification Number of Person" or IDNP. This unique IDNP is allocated to every natural person upon their initial data entry into the State Register of the Population (R.S.P.). Importantly, the IDNP remains constant throughout the entire duration of the recorded data, seamlessly integrated into all documents associated with the respective natural person.

Identity cardIdentity card
Identity card - frontIdentity card - back

IDNP Format

In line with Annex no. 2 appended to the Government Decision of the Republic of Moldova no. 333 dated 18.03.2023, endorsing the Concept of the automated information system "State Population Register" and the Regulation governing the State Population Register, the IDNP (Identification Number of Person) serves as the fundamental identification key for natural persons in the Republic of Moldova. This IDNP is a 13-digit series organized meticulously, with the following breakdown:


  • 2: Identifies the natural person within the array of state identifiers.
  • ГГГ: Represents the last three digits of the IDNP award year.
  • XXX: Denotes the code of the registrar's office.
  • YYYYY: Signifies the sequential registration number for the respective year in the corresponding office.
  • K: Serves as the check digit, determined by a special algorithm.
Driving LicenseDriving License
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Residence PermitResidence Permit
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Temporary ID
Temporary ID card

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Identification Number of Organization (IDNO)

In the Republic of Moldova, the official identification number for legal entities adheres to global standards and is abbreviated as "Identification Number of Organization" or IDNO. Resident legal entities seamlessly acquire their IDNO (TIN) upon completing the registration process with the state registration body, namely the Public Services Agency.

It's noteworthy that only legal entities formed in accordance with normative acts, allied law firms, and associated law enforcement offices or notary offices are eligible to apply for the assignment of a tax code through the State Tax Service.

IDNO Format

In adherence to Annex no. 2 linked to the Government Decision of the Republic of Moldova no. 272 dated 06.03.2002, outlining measures for establishing the automated information system, the IDNO (Identification Number of Organization) emerges as the primary identification marker for legal entities within the country. This IDNO is a precisely structured series of 13 digits, detailed as follows:


1: Signifies the index of the identification number of the legal unit, representing the general compartment to which the object of identification pertains. XXX: Corresponds to the last three digits of the year in which the identification number was allocated. YYY: Represents the code of the authority (office) responsible for registering the legal unit. ZZZZZ: Denotes the sequential registration order number within that year and specific office. K: Functions as the check digit in this meticulously organized series.

Registration Certificate for Entities
Registration Certificate for Entities

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VAT number

Moldovan VAT number consists of 7 digits. Format : 1234567

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