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Saudi Arabia TIN number guide

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

The Tax Identification Number (TIN) is issued by the General Authority for Zakat and Tax (GAZT) to all taxpayers and withholding entities, including government ministries, agencies, and departments, in Saudi Arabia. Once issued, the TIN remains valid for as long as the taxpayer is operational. It serves as the unique identifier for the taxpayer and is utilized for all applicable taxes.

The structure of the Saudi Tax Identification Number (TIN) is as follows:

  • The first digit represents the GCC Member State.
  • The next eight digits comprise a serial number.
  • The final digit is a check digit.

Example : 3002707692

VAT registration certificate with TIN in Sauidi Arabia
VAT registration certificate with TIN in Sauidi Arabia

The Tax Identification Number (TIN) can be found on various official documents such as TAX, Zakat, excise tax, or VAT Certificates and invoices. With the forthcoming implementation of VAT in 2018, Saudi Arabia will include the TIN on relevant documents. Additionally, the TIN appears in communications between the General Authority for Zakat and Tax (GAZT) and taxpayers, as well as on any documents issued by GAZT to taxpayers.

For individuals without a TIN, official identification documents like the Saudi national ID or residency ID for non-Saudis serve as alternatives. If the physical Saudi national ID is unavailable for verification, a copy of the national ID along with Saudi passport verification becomes necessary.

VAT number

Businesses in Saudi Arabia are assigned a VAT number, a 15-digit identifier provided by ZATCA (Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority). The VAT number's structure comprises various elements:

  • The first digit denotes the GCC Member State.
  • The following eight digits form a serial number.
  • The subsequent digit serves as a check digit.
  • The next three digits represent the taxpayer's subsidiaries.
  • The final two digits indicate the tax type.

Individuals in Saudi Arabia are issued a 12-digit personal Tax Identification Number (TIN), known locally as the "National ID" or "Iqama" in Arabic. The TIN consists of:

  • The first two digits indicating the individual's region of residence.
  • The following 10 digits comprising a unique identification number assigned by ZATCA.

Example : 300000432310003

VAT registration certificate in Sauidi Arabia
VAT registration certificate in Sauidi Arabia

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