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How to verify VAT number in Belgium?

Belgium VAT validation on VIES website

The finance ministry in Belgium recommends validation of Belgium VAT numbers(NUMÉRO DE TVA) from the VAT VIES website.

Belgium VAT validation on VAT VIES website
Belgium VAT validation on VAT VIES website

Example : 0404621642

A successful verification of the Belgium VAT number on the VIES VAT lookup tool will return the following details

  • Status of the VAT number : Yes, valid VAT number/ No Invalid VAT number
  • Member State
  • VAT Number
  • Date when request received
  • Name of the business
  • Address
  • Consultation Number
Successful Belgium VAT Verification
Successful Belgium VAT Verification

Belgium VAT validation on MyMinfin website

You can request a more comprehensive validation certificate or submit multiple inquiries simultaneously if the information available on VIES isn't adequate for your needs. Simply utilize MyMinfin to obtain the certificate you require. Check now

How Lookuptax can help you in VAT validation?

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