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Bulgaria TIN number guide

Unified Identification Code(UIC)

Единен идентификационен код (по БУЛСТАТ) - translates to "Unified Identification Code" (UIC) in English. In the context of Bulgaria, it is more commonly known as "БУЛСТАТ" (BULSTAT), which stands for "Български единен личен идентификационен код на юридическите лица и самостоятелно управляващите лица" in Bulgarian, meaning "Bulgarian Unified Identification Code for Legal Entities and Sole Traders.

Format - 9-digit or 10-digit number or (for a branch) 13-digit number

Unified Civil Number (UCN)

"Единен (Персонален) идентификационен код" (ЕГН or ЕИК) in Bulgaria translates to "Unified (Personal) Identification Code" in English. There are two main types: ЕГН (EGN) for individuals and ЕИК (EIK) for legal entities. The term typically refers to ЕГН (EGN) for individuals. Unified Civil Number (UCN) consists of a block of 10 digits. For foreign citizens who receive permission for long-term or permanent residence in Bulgaria are assigned a Personal Number which consists of a block of 10 digit. The Unified Civil Number and the Personal Number of a Foreigner are assigned by the Ministry of Interior and could be found in all identity documents

Identity card (Лична Карта)
Identity card (Лична Карта)

VAT Number (VAT)

In Bulgaria, the VAT (Value Added Tax) number is referred to as Идентификационен номер по ДДС" (Identifikatsionen nomer po DDS) which translates to "VAT Identification Number" in English. This is commonly abbreviated as "ИН по ДДС" or "ИН по ДДС номер


"BG" + 9-digit number or "BG" + 10-digit number Example: BG999999999, BG9999999999

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