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Russia TIN number guide

INN (Taxpayer Personal Identification Number)

The INN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) is essential for all tax-related matters in Russia. Individuals can obtain their INN from the tax authority based on various circumstances, including their permanent or temporary residence, or the location of their immovable property or vehicle if they lack permanent or temporary residency in Russia.

Russian legal entities receive their INN from the tax authority at their registered location.

Foreign legal entities operating in Russia via branches, representative offices, or other separate business units have their INN assigned by the tax authority at the location of such activities during registration.

INN Format

The INN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) follows these guidelines: 1) Businesses: A ten-digit code structured as NNNNXXXXXC. 2) Foreign organizations: Also a ten-digit code structured as 9909XXXXXC. 3) Individuals: A twelve-digit code structured as NNNNXXXXXXXXCC. The INN is a digital sequence characterizing: 1) NNNN: For Russian entities and individuals, it represents the tax authority's code that issued the INN. For foreign entities, it's an index defined by the Federal Tax Service. 2) XXXXX: For Russian entities and individuals, it's a sequence number from the Unified State Register of Taxpayers (USRT). For foreign entities, it's a code from the "Foreign Companies Coding" reference book. 3) C (CC): A control number, one digit for organizations and two digits for individuals, generated using a unique algorithm by the Federal Tax Service.

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