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Costa Rica TIN number guide

Cedula de Persona Fisica

Physical identification number, in the case of domestic natural persons

Format - X–XXXX–XXXX Structure 9 numerals (“–” is not obligatory)

Cedula de Persona Fisica
Cedula de Persona Fisica
  1. Costa Rica flag
  2. Identification number
  3. Decreased photo
  4. Names, surnames and known as
  5. Coat of arms of Costa Rica in gold print
  6. Citizen signature
  7. Decreased flag
  8. Color photo

Cedula de Persona Juridica

Corporate identification number, in case of legal persons

Format - X-XXX-XXXXXX Structure 9 numerals 10 numerals (“–” is not obligatory)

Documento de Identidad Migratorio para extranjeros” (DIMEX)

Foreign individuals are registered using the "Immigration Identification Document for Foreigners," known as DIMEX, provided by the General Directorate of Immigration.

Format - XXXXXXXXXXX or XXXXXXXXXXX Structure 11 or 12 numerals

  1. Offset micro text (watermark)
  2. Ultra violet mark
  3. Optical variable ink mark
  4. Offset Security graphic (watermark)
  5. Offset printed text (watermark)
  6. Document (DIMEX) number: 11 or 12 numerals
  7. Hologram under the surface

Número de Identificación Tributario Especial” (NITE)

For unincorporated entities or foreign individuals without DIMEX, the Tax Administration issues a "Special Tax Identification Number," referred to as NITE.

NITE for natural persons Format - 3–120–XXXXXX Structure 10 numerals (“–” is not obligatory)

NITE for corporations Format - 3-130-XXXXXX Structure 10 numerals (“–” is not obligatory)

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