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Portugal TIN number guide

NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal)

The Tax and Customs Authority holds the authority to issue a tax identification number (TIN) for individuals. This TIN is unique and carries legal significance for various purposes. It is imperative to possess an allocated TIN before commencing any activity, as it serves as a prerequisite for registering the start of operations.

Legal entities obtain their identification numbers through the Registo Nacional de Pessoas Coletivas (RNPC), which is a service under the Instituto dos Regist.

NIF Format The numbering system structure comprises 9 consecutive digits along with a control digit. The format of fiscal numbers varies based on the taxpayer's type:

  • Individuals:

    • 1xx xxx xxx
    • 2xx xxx xxx
    • 3xx xxx xxx (not yet allocated)
  • Non-resident individuals (subject to final withholding at source):

    • 45x xxx xxx
  • Corporations and Public entities:

    • 5xx xxx xxx
  • State entities:

    • 6xx xxx xxx
  • Inheritances, Non-resident Corporations (subject to final withholding at source), and Investment Funds:

    • 70x xxx xxx
    • 71x xxx xxx
    • 72x xxx xxx
  • Irregular Companies and other entities:

    • 90x xxx xxx
    • 91x xxx xxx
  • Non-resident Corporations (with or without permanent establishment):

    • 98x xxx xxx
  • Civil Partnerships:

    • 99x xxx xxx
Citizen card PortugalCitizen card Portugal
Citizen card PortugalNIF on citizen card
Taxpayer Card
Taxpayer Card
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