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Sales tax in New York

New York has a base state sales tax rate of 4%, but actual sales tax rates vary widely across the state thanks to county, city, and other local taxes. On average, combined state and local sales tax rates in New York range from just over 4% to just over 8.5%.

New York State Sales Tax

The New York state sales and use tax rate is currently set at 4% of retail purchases and the rental of goods and services. This makes up the baseline sales tax, but many local jurisdictions add more taxes on top.

New York City Sales Tax

New York City has some of the highest sales tax rates due to city and other taxes stacked on top of the state base rate. Within New York City, the total sales tax rate is 8.875%. This includes the 4% state tax, a 0.375% Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District surcharge, and a 4.5% local tax.

Sales Tax Rates in Other New York Cities and Counties

While New York City tops the list, other parts of the state also have very high sales taxes. Cities like Ithaca have an 8.75% sales tax composed of 4% state, 1.5% county and 3.25% city tax.

On the lower end, places like Granville have a combined sales tax of just 7.5% thanks to lower city and county taxes.

In general though, sales tax rates in New York range from just over 4% in more rural counties, to averages of 7-9% in urban counties and cities, with New York City at the highest rate in the state.

So in summary, final retail sales tax rates in New York vary widely from around 4% to just over 8.75%, depending on precisely where the purchase is made.

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