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Finland TIN number guide

Business ID (Business Identity Code)

The Business ID, also known as Y-tunnus, is a crucial identifier assigned to businesses and organizations by either the PRH or the Tax Administration. Comprising seven digits, a dash, and a control mark (e.g., 1234567-8), this code plays a pivotal role in business identification.

It's important to note that while the Business ID uniquely identifies a business, it doesn't provide information about whether the business is registered with the Tax Administration registers or the Trade Register. For specific details on registration status, it's advisable to conduct a thorough check through the BIS search, the PRH, or the Tax Administration.

Furthermore, companies listed in the Trade Register, VAT Register, Prepayment Register, or Employer Register are required to prominently display their Business ID on various documents, including invoices, business letters, and forms. This ensures transparency and compliance with regulatory standards. If you're looking for information on VAT registration, consider performing a thorough search using relevant keywords such as "vat number verification," "find vat number," or "vat number lookup" for comprehensive results.

The Business ID, a vital identifier for legal entities like companies, remains constant as long as the entity is operational. However, changes in company types defined by law may alter the Business ID. Private traders' Business IDs are personal, changing when operations transfer between private traders or when a company continues a private trader's business. New businesses receive their ID upon registering the start-up notification in the Business Information System (BIS), jointly managed by the PRH and the Tax Administration.

Henkilötunnus (HETU)

The HETU, also known as the Social Security number, is assigned at birth or immigration by the Population Register Centre of Finland. It comprises 11 characters for individuals, including 6 digits, 1 character (+, -, or A), 3 digits, and 1 alphanumeric character. The 7th character denotes the century of birth, with + indicating birth between 1800-1899, - for 1900-1999, and A for 2000-. This character is crucial, mandatorily recorded and reported in all records.

Identity card (Henkilökortti)
Identity card (Henkilökortti)
Driving license
Driving license


The Finnish value-added tax is abbreviated as "alv." or "ALV" (without a period). The numeric representation is obtained from the LY code by incorporating the country code FI, and the hyphen between the last two digits is omitted. It is also known as "Mervärdesskattenummer"

For Example: FI01234567

When dealing with invoices, orders, cash sales receipts, and more, it's crucial to include the abbreviation "alv. rek." or "ALV rek." (signifying registered value-added tax liability) to indicate the entity's registered status for value-added tax liability.

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