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How to verify EORI Number in EU?

The EORI number, an abbreviation for Economic Operators Registration and Identification number, is a crucial identifier required for customs clearance within the European Union's customs territory. This mandatory EORI registration number is essential for various customs operations, including importing goods to the EU, exporting from the EU, and transit movements across EU member states.

This unique EORI identification number is assigned to economic operators and individuals engaging in international trade with the EU. Any business or individual with an establishment in the European Union, as well as those outside the EU territory involved in EU customs activities, needs to obtain an EORI number to comply with regulations and facilitate smoother cross-border trade processes.

Obtaining an EORI number is a prerequisite for economic operators to conduct customs operations efficiently across the EU customs union. This EORI registration allows for streamlined customs procedures, ensuring compliance with EU customs regulations and enabling seamless international trade operations involving the European Union.

EORI verification on European Commission website

EORI number search option is available for free on the European Commission website. You can access the EORI search here. You can search a business by its EORI number in this registry.

Example EORI- FI2655044-9, NL863997260, NL812544353,DE 5834171

EORI Verification
EORI Verification in EU

A successful verification of the EORI on the EORI lookup tool will return the following details

  • Request date
  • Stautus - This EORI number is valid or invalid
  • EORI Name
  • Address
  • Street number
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Country name
Successful EORI Verification on European Commission website
Successful EORI Verification

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