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Serbia TIN number guide

Jedinstveni Maticni Broj Gradana (JMBG)

Jedinstveni Matični Broj Građana (JMBG) is a unique master citizen number used for identification of citizens in Serbia.


  • 13-digit numeric code
  • First 7 digits - Date of birth in DDMMYYY format
  • Next 2 digits - Geographic region code indicating place of birth
  • Next 2 digits:
    • 1-4 indicating sex (odd for male, even for female)
    • Sequential serial number for people born on the same date and place
  • Last 2 digits - Computer check digits
JMBG card Front sideJMBG card back side
JMBG card Front sideJMBG card back side

Poreski Identifikacioni Broj (PIB)

  • It is a 9-digit tax identification number used to identify businesses and other legal entities for tax purposes
  • Assigned by the Tax Administration upon company registration
  • First 8 digits are randomly generated
  • 9th digit is a check digit calculated based on the first 8 numbers

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