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How to verify VAT number in Saudi Arabia?

VAT number verification on zatca website

VAT number search option is available for free on the Saudi Arabian zatca website. You can access the VAT number search here. You can search a business by its VAT number, VAT certificate number or CR no (Commercial register). This search requires you to clear a captcha for successful VAT number validation.

Example: 3002707692

VAT number Verification on zatka website in Saudi
VAT number verification on zatka website in Saudi

A successful verification of the VAT number on the zatka lookup tool will return the following details

  • VAT number
  • Name of the business
  • Whether registered for VAT
  • Status of verification
VAT Verification details on zatka website
VAT Verification details on zatka website

How Lookuptax can help you in VAT number validation?

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