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St Vincent and the Grenadines TIN number guide

Tax Identification Number(TIN)

Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) are allocated to individuals and entities obligated to fulfill tax obligations as stipulated by the Income Tax Act and the Value Added Tax Act. The term "person" encompasses individuals, trusts, deceased estates, companies, partnerships, and other legal entities. Upon registration for tax payment, each entity receives a unique TIN.

In cases where a person is registered for multiple tax types, the core TIN remains unchanged, with additional digits appended to distinguish between different tax types. Once assigned, TINs are perpetual, and there is no renewal process presently conducted by the Inland Revenue Department.

TINs issued by the Inland Revenue Department adhere to a strictly numeric structure and are automatically generated by SIGTAS, the department's tax data management system. These TINs are prominently displayed on the National Driver's License Identification card issued by the Inland Revenue Department. Additionally, they appear on all receipts issued by the department to taxpayers upon payment of any tax type.

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