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Hungary TIN number guide

Adóazonosító jel

The phrase "adóazonosító jel" translates from Hungarian to English as "tax identification code". Adóazonosító jel is issued to individuals in Hungary.

Format The Tax Identification Number (TIN) for individuals consists of 9999999999, a 10-digit block with the following breakdown:

  • The first digit is always 8, indicating the TIN holder as an individual.
  • Digits 2-6 represent the count of days between 01/01/1867 and the individual's date of birth.
  • Digits 7-9 are randomly generated to distinguish individuals born on the same day.
  • The 10th digit serves as the check digit for TIN validation.

For a detailed understanding of the TIN structure and syntax, refer to Act XX of 1996.

Adóazonosító jel


The term "adószám" refers to "tax number" or "tax identification number" in Hungarian.In Hungarian, the TIN for entities is referred to as "adószám. Entities seeking to engage in taxable activities are required to register with the state tax authority to obtain a tax number. This registration process is regulated by Act XCII of 2003 on the Rules of Taxation. Companies have their Tax Identification Number (TIN) recorded in the register of companies.

For entities, the allocation of a Tax Identification Number (TIN) is not automated. Typically, entities need to proactively initiate the TIN issuance during the incorporation process at the Court of Registry. However, in specific instances, the tax authority may directly facilitate the issuance of TIN.


The TIN (Tax Identification Number) for entities and specific individuals follows the format xxxxxxxx-y-zz, comprising 11 numerical characters. Here's the breakdown:

  • xxxxxxxx: An 8-digit block serving as the unique taxpayer identifier.
  • y: Known as the "VAT code," indicating VAT registration status (code 2 for registered, code 1 for non-registered).
  • zz: The territorial code of the relevant tax office in Hungary.

It's essential to note that y and zz may undergo changes based on alterations in the taxpayer's circumstances

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