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How to verify CVR in Denmark?

CVR check on virk website

CVR number search option is available for free on the Denmark Central Business Register (VIRK) website. You can access the CVR search here. You can search with CVR number, Business name or address.


CVR Verification on virk website
CVR Verification on virk website

A successful verification of the CVR on the CVR lookup tool will return the following details

  • CVR number
  • Address
  • Postal code and city
  • Start date
  • Business type
  • Advertising protection
  • Status
  • Link to All entities on the address
  • More Business information
  • Powers to bind, key individuals & Auditors
  • Ownership details
  • Financial Statements
  • Production Units
  • Registration History
  • Historical Basic data
  • Number of Employees
  • Other documents

These details can also be exported to a pdf. You can find a sample PDF here

Successful CVR Verification on virk website
Successful CVR Verification

How Lookuptax can help you in CVR validation?

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