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Country wise requirements for Peppol

The countries that join the Peppol network have the opportunity to define national characteristics within clearly defined borders. These exceptions or specifications are usually a consequence of the legal framework in the countries. The special features must always be compatible with the specifications of the Peppol Interoperability Framework.


The following aspects are defined for Germany:

  • If an electronic invoice is to be sent to the public administration within Germany via Peppol, the current version of the CIUS XRechnung must be used.
  • If a biller addresses the public administration outside of Germany, he has the option of using the Peppol BIS Billing 3.0 format, which is acceptable for all Peppol recipients. Public administration in Germany is obliged to adopt this format.
  • The specification document for the CIUS XRechnung is currently only available in German. The standard XRechnung is provided in the UBL and CII syntaxes and can be sent accordingly via Peppol.
  • The public administration has undertaken to use the routing ID scheme for the Peppol ID. The scheme has therefore been entered accordingly in ISO 6523 ICD. The associated prefix is 0204. A separator (:) is added between the prefix and ID.

Peppol Authority: Koordinierungsstelle für IT-Standards (KoSIT)


PEPPOL SMP(Service Metadata Publisher) is integrated to iPA (“Indice delle pubbliche amministrazioni”, the national register of public bodies in Italy) in Italy and all Public Administrations can select their own Access Point on iPA itself. The Access Points act as an intermediary for the invoices received over the PEPPOL network.

In order send and receive einvoices compliant with the European format via the PEPPOL network, they need to do the following

  • The Public Administration needs to use a service provider that is both a Certified PEPPOL Access Point and a qualified intermediary towards the Revenue Agency’s SdI
  • The Public Administration sets up the PEPPOL reception channel for the electronic billing offices on the iPA register.
  • The Peppol Service Provider must inform their End Users about the existence of the Peppol Directory and the information required to get registered in it.
  • The Peppol Service Provider must collect an explicit denial of the End User in case it does not want to be registered in the Peppol Directory

The following codes are used for PEPPOL Participant IDs in Italy

  • ITpartitaIVA (Italian VAT Identifier)- For economic operators
  • CodiceFiscale ( Italian Fiscal Code)- For economic operators
  • CodiceIPA (UFE) - For Public Administrations

Peppol Authority: Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale - AgID

List of PEPPOL Access Point Providers recognized by the Italian PEPPOL Authority(AgID): List of Access Points

Techincal specifications for Italy : Peppol BIS 3 valid for italy

New Zealand

Peppol BIS 3 valid for New Zealand


Peppol BIS 3 valid for Singapore