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Finvoice - E-invoicing in Finland

Status - B2GMandatory
Status - B2BMandatory
Status - B2CNA
FormatsFinvoice 3.0 and TEAPPSXML 3.0.
Network nameFinvoice and Tieke
LegislationFinnish Einvoicing Act 241/2019


In Finland, electronic invoicing has become a mandatory requirement for invoices issued to the government since April 1, 2021, aligning with European standards. The country has achieved remarkable success in business-to-government (B2G) invoicing, with nearly 100% of invoices received by public authorities being in electronic format. For B2B companies with an annual turnover exceeding EUR 10,000, the Finnish e-Invoicing Act 241/2019 grants them the right to request e-invoices from their suppliers, following the European standard.

To comply with the Finnish regulations, e-invoices in Finland must adhere to accepted formats such as Finvoice 3.0 and TEAPPSXML 3.0. These invoices undergo validation against the European Standard EN16931 during the electronic invoice exchange process. Although not compulsory, B2B e-invoicing is gaining popularity in Finland due to its numerous benefits for businesses, fostering efficiency and streamlining financial operations.


Finvoice is a publicly available invoicing standard published by Finnish banks. Additionally, it serves as a forwarding service for businesses offered by banks and payment institutions.

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